Spelling Words

No two kids are alike. It's OK for children to be at different levels. A child's unique differences should be welcomed and accepted. Also keep in mind, that a child's level of readiness in August will be very different from what it is in December, for example. It does, however, help to have a rough idea of what academic skills your child should acquire at his or her grade level.

By the end of the year, you can expect your child to be able to read these words:

Kindergarten Sight Words

a all am an and are as at be but by can do for go good had has have he her here him his I in is it like little look me my no not of on play said see she so that the they this to up was we with yes you

1st Grade Spelling Words

a about above add after again air all almost along also always am American an and animals another answer any apart apple are arm around as ask at ate away

baby back bake ball banana bang bark be bear beat because bed been before began beginning being bell below belt bent best better between big bike bill bird birth birthday black block blue boat bone book born both box boy bread bring brother brown bush but buy by bye

cake call came can cane car card carry cart cat chain chair chalk change chat chicken children chin chop Christmas city clap class Claus clay clean close cloud club coat cold come cook cool corn could country cow crayon crib crow crowd crown cube cut

dark day deal desk dew did different dime dine dirt do does dog doll done don’t door down draw dress drink drop duck dull

each earth easy eat egg eight eleven end enough even every example eye

face fall family fang far farm farmer fast father feet fell few field fill find fine fire first fish five flag flat floor flower fly fog following food fool foot for fort found four free fresh from full funny

game gang garden gave get gift girl give giving glad go goes going golf gone good good-bye got grape grass gray great green grew ground group grow

had hand hang happy hard harm has have he head hear heat heavy help her here hide high hill him his hold home hope horn horse hot house how hurt hush

I idea if ill important in Indians inside into is it it's its

jaw joke juice jump just

keep kind king kite kitty know

lake land large last late later laugh learn leave left leg let letter life light like lime line list little live long look love luck

made maid make man many map mask may me meal means meat meet men mice might miles milk mine mint miss mix money moon more morning most mother mountains move much mule must my myself

nail name near neat neck need nest never new next night nine no noon nose not note now number

odd of off often old on once one only open or orange other our out over own

page pain pants paper part party pear pen pencil people pet pick picture pig pink place plan plant plants play please point poor pretty print pull punch purple put

rabbit rain ran read really red ride right ring river road robin rock rode room rope round rub run

said sail sale same sank Santa save saw say school sea second see seed seemed seen seep sell send sentence set seven shake shall shape she sheep ship shirt shoe shoes shop should show shut sick side sing sink sister sit six size sled sleep slip slow small smell snail snap snore snow snug so sofa sold some something sometimes song soon sound spell spit squirrel star start state stay step stick still stir stone stop story stove straw street string study such summer sun swing

table tail take tale talk team tell ten tent test than thank that the their them then there these they thick thing think third this those thought three through time to today together too took top toy train tree trip truck trust try turned twelve two

under until up upon us use used

very vest

wait walk want warm was wash watch water way we well went were what when where which while white who why will wind window wing winter wish with without woman women wood word work world would write

years yell yellow yes you young your

zero zone

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kindergarten sight words 1st grade spelling

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