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Science is what we do to find out about the natural world. It is the total of physics, chemistry, biology, geology and astronomy. Science makes use of mathematics, and it makes observations and experiments. Science produces accurate facts, scientific laws and theories. Science also refers to the large amount of knowledge that has been found using this process.
People who study and research science and try to find out everything about it are called scientists. Scientists study things by looking at them very carefully, by measuring them, and by doing experiments and tests. Scientists try to explain why things act the way they do, and predict what will happen.

acoustics science of sound
adenology study of glands
aerobiology study of airborne organisms
aerodynamics dynamics of gases; science of movement in a flow of air or gas
aerolithology study of aerolites; meteorites
aerology study of the atmosphere
aeronautics study of navigation through air or space
aerostatics science of air pressure; art of ballooning
agriology the comparative study of primitive peoples
agrobiology study of plant nutrition; soil yields
agrology study of agricultural soils
agronomics study of productivity of land
agrostology science or study of grasses
alethiology study of truth
algedonics science of pleasure and pain
algology study of algae
anaesthesiology study of anaesthetics
anaglyptics art of carving in bas-relief
anagraphy art of constructing catalogues
anatomy study of the structure of the body
andragogy science of teaching adults
anemology study of winds
angiology study of blood flow and lymphatic system
anthropobiology study of human biology
anthropology study of human cultures
aphnology science of wealth
apiology study of bees
arachnology study of spiders
archaeology study of human material remains
areology study of Mars
arthrology study of joints
astacology the science of crayfish
astheniology study of diseases of weakening and aging
astrogeology study of extraterrestrial geology
astrology study of influence of stars on people
astrometeorology study of effect of stars on climate
astronomy study of celestial bodies
astrophysics study of behaviour of interstellar matter
astroseismology study of star oscillations
atmology the science of aqueous vapor
audiology study of hearing
autecology study of ecology of one species
auxology science of growth
avionics the science of electronic devices for aircraft
bacteriology study of bacteria
barodynamics science of the support and mechanics of bridges
barology study of gravitation
bibliology study of books
bibliotics study of documents to determine authenticity
bioecology study of interaction of life in the environment
biology study of life
biometrics study of biological measurement
bionomics study of organisms interacting in their environments
botany study of plants
bromatology study of food
brontology scientific study of thunder
bryology the study of mosses and liverworts
caliology study of bird's nests
calorifics study of heat
cambistry science of international exchange
carcinology study of crabs and other crustaceans
cardiology study of the heart
caricology study of sedges
carpology study of fruit
cartography the science of making maps and globes
catacoustics science of echoes or reflected sounds
catalactics science of commercial exchange
catechectics the art of teaching by question and answer
cetology study of whales and dolphins
chaology the study of chaos or chaos theory
characterology study of development of character
chemistry study of properties of substances
chirography study of handwriting or penmanship
chirology study of the hands
chiropody medical science of feet
chorology science of the geographic description of anything
chrematistics the study of wealth; political economy
chronobiology study of biological rhythms
chrysology study of precious metals
climatology study of climate
clinology study of aging or individual decline after maturity
codicology study of manuscripts
coleopterology study of beetles and weevils
cometology study of comets
conchology study of shells
cosmetology study of cosmetics
cosmology study of the universe
craniology study of the skull
criminology study of crime; criminals
cryobiology study of life under cold conditions
cryptology study of codes
cryptozoology study of animals for whose existence there is no conclusive proof
ctetology study of the inheritance of acquired characteristics
cynology scientific study of dogs
cytology study of living cells
dactylography the study of fingerprints
dactylology study of sign language
demology study of human behaviour
dendrochronology study of tree rings
dendrology study of trees
dermatoglyphics the study of skin patterns and fingerprints
dermatology study of skin
desmology study of ligaments
dialectology study of dialects
dioptrics study of light refraction
diplomatics science of deciphering ancient writings and texts
diplomatology study of diplomats
eccrinology study of excretion
ecology study of environment
economics study of material wealth
edaphology study of soils
Egyptology study of ancient Egypt
ekistics study of human settlement
electrochemistry study of relations between electricity and chemicals
electrology study of electricity
electrostatics study of static electricity
embryology study of embryos
endemiology study of local diseases
endocrinology study of glands
entomology study of insects
entozoology study of parasites that live inside larger organisms
enzymology study of enzymes
ephebiatrics branch of medicine dealing with adolescence
epidemiology study of diseases; epidemics
epileptology study of epilepsy
eremology study of deserts
ergonomics study of people at work
ethnogeny study of origins of races or ethnic groups
ethnology study of cultures
ethnomethodology study of everyday communication
ethnomusicology study of comparative musical systems
ethonomics study of economic and ethical principles of a society
etymology study of origins of words
exobiology study of extraterrestrial life
fluviology study of watercourses
folkloristics study of folklore and fables
futurology study of future
garbology study of garbage
gastroenterology study of stomach; intestines
gastronomy study of fine dining
gemmology study of gems and jewels
genealogy study of descent of families
genesiology study of reproduction and heredity
geochemistry study of chemistry of the earth's crust
geochronology study of measuring geological time
geogony study of formation of the earth
geography study of surface of the earth and its inhabitants
geology study of earth's crust
geomorphogeny study of the origins of land forms
geoponics study of agriculture
geratology study of decadence and decay
gerontology study of the elderly; aging
glaciology study of ice ages and glaciation
glossology study of language; study of the tongue
gnotobiology study of life in germ-free conditions
graminology study of grasses
grammatology study of systems of writing
graphology study of handwriting
gromatics science of surveying
gynaecology study of women’s physiology
haemataulics study of movement of blood through blood vessels
harmonics study of musical acoustics
helcology study of ulcers
heliology science of the sun
helioseismology study of sun's interior by observing its surface oscillations
helminthology study of worms
hematology study of blood
hepatology study of liver
herpetology study of reptiles and amphibians
hippiatrics study of diseases of horses
hippology the study of horses
histology study of the tissues of organisms
histopathology study of changes in tissue due to disease
horology science of time measurement
horticulture study of gardening
hydrobiology study of aquatic organisms
hydrodynamics study of movement in liquids
hydrogeology study of ground water
hydrography study of investigating bodies of water
hydrokinetics study of motion of fluids
hydrology study of water resources
hydrometeorology study of atmospheric moisture
hydropathy study of treating diseases with water
hyetology science of rainfall
hygiology hygienics; study of cleanliness
hypnology study of sleep; study of hypnosis
ichnology science of fossilized footprints
ichthyology study of fish
iconography study of drawing symbols
iconology study of icons; symbols
ideology science of ideas; system of ideas used to justify behaviour
idiomology study of idiom, jargon or dialect
idiopsychology psychology of one's own mind
immunogenetics study of genetic characteristics of immunity
immunology study of immunity
immunopathology study of immunity to disease
insectology study of insects
iridology study of the iris; diagnosis of disease based on the iris of the eye
karyology study of cell nuclei
kinematics study of motion
kinesics study of gestural communication
kinesiology study of human movement and posture
kinetics study of forces producing or changing motion
koniology study of atmospheric pollutants and dust
kymatology study of wave motion
larithmics study of population statistics
laryngology study of larynx
lepidopterology study of butterflies and moths
lexicology study of words and their meanings
lexigraphy art of definition of words
lichenology study of lichens
limacology study of slugs
limnobiology study of freshwater ecosystems
limnology study of bodies of fresh water
linguistics study of language
lithology study of rocks
magnetics study of magnetism
mammalogy study of mammals
mathematics study of magnitude, number, and forms
mechanics study of action of force on bodies
metallogeny study of the origin and distribution of metal deposits
metallography study of the structure and constitution of metals
metallurgy study of alloying and treating metals
metaphysics study of principles of nature and thought
metapsychology study of nature of the mind
meteoritics the study of meteors
meteorology study of weather
metrology science of weights and measures
microanatomy study of microscopic tissues
microbiology study of microscopic organisms
microclimatology study of local climates
micropalaeontology study of microscopic fossils
microphytology study of very small plant life
mineralogy study of minerals
morphology study of forms and the development of structures
mycology study of funguses
myology study of muscles
myrmecology study of ants
mythology study of myths; fables; tales
nasology study of the nose
nautics art of navigation
nematology the study of nematodes
neonatology study of newborn babies
neossology study of nestling birds
nephology study of clouds
nephrology study of the kidneys
neurobiology study of anatomy of the nervous system
neurology study of nervous system
neuropsychology study of relation between brain and behaviour
neurypnology study of hypnotism
neutrosophy study of the origin and nature of philosophical neutralities
nidology study of nests
nomology the science of the laws; especially of the mind
noology science of the intellect
numerology study of numbers
obstetrics study of midwifery
oceanology study of oceans
odontology study of teeth
olfactology study of the sense of smell
oncology study of tumors
oneirology study of dreams
oology study of eggs
ophiology study of snakes
ophthalmology study of eye diseases
optics study of light
optology study of sight
optometry science of examining the eyes
orchidology study of orchids
ornithology study of birds
orology study of mountains
osteology study of bones
otology study of the ear
otorhinolaryngology study of ear, nose and throat
paedology study of children
palaeoanthropology study of early humans
palaeobiology study of fossil plants and animals
palaeoclimatology study of ancient climates
palaeolimnology study of ancient fish
palaeolimnology study of ancient lakes
palaeontology study of fossils
palaeopedology study of early soils
paleobotany study of ancient plants
paleo-osteology study of ancient bones
papyrology study of paper
parapsychology study of unexplained mental phenomena
parasitology study of parasites
pathology study of disease
pedagogics study of teaching
pedology study of soils
pelology study of mud
penology study of crime and punishment
periodontics study of gums
petrology study of rocks
pharmacology study of drugs
pharyngology study of the throat
philology study of ancient texts; historical linguistics
philosophy science of knowledge or wisdom
phoniatrics study and correction of speech defects
phonology study of speech sounds
photobiology study of effects of light on organisms
phycology study of algae and seaweeds
physics study of properties of matter and energy
physiology study of processes of life
phytology study of plants; botany
piscatology study of fishes
planetology study of planets
pneumatics study of mechanics of gases
podiatry study and treatment of disorders of the foot; chiropody
podology study of the feet
polemology study of war
primatology study of primates
psephology study of election results and voting trends
pseudoptics study of optical illusions
psychobiology study of biology of the mind
psychogenetics study of internal or mental states
psychology study of mind
psychopathology study of mental illness
psychophysics study of link between mental and physical processes
pteridology study of ferns
raciology study of racial differences
radiology study of X-rays and their medical applications
reflexology study of reflexes
rheumatology study of rheumatism
rhinology study of the nose
sedimentology study of sediment
seismology study of earthquakes
semantics study of meaning, words, phrases
sociobiology study of biological basis of human behaviour
sociology study of society
spectroscopy study of spectra
spermology study of seeds
spongology study of sponges
stomatology study of the mouth
symbology study of symbols
symptomatology study of symptoms of illness
syntax study of sentence structure
theology study of religion; religious doctrine
thermodynamics study of relation of heat to motion
thermokinematics study of motion of heat
thermology study of heat
therology study of wild mammals
toxicology study of poisons
tribology study of friction and wear between surfaces
trichology study of hair and its disorders
typology study of types of things
ufology study of aliens and spacecrafts
uranography descriptive astronomy and mapping
urbanology study of cities
urology study of urine; urinary tract
venereology study of venereal disease
vexillology study of flags
virology study of viruses
volcanology study of volcanoes
xylology study of wood
zenography study of the planet Jupiter
zooarchaeology study of animal remains of archaeological sites
zoogeography study of geographic distribution of animals
zoogeology study of fossil animal remains
zoology study of animals
zoonomy animal physiology
zoonosology study of animal diseases
zoopathology study of animal diseases
zoophysics physics of animal bodies
zoophysiology study of physiology of animals
zoophytology study of plant-like animals
zoosemiotics study of animal communication
zootaxy science of classifying animals
zootechnics science of breeding animals

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